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what is "AlleyKidArt"

The corners were too dangerous for any child to be unless you were doing something that you had no business doing, so that left the alleys for us to roam, it was our sanctuary. It was the central location for family gatherings, like cookouts, graduations, and parties. It was our playground when the nearby playground became too dangerous and dirty for us to dwell. It was close enough enough where your mom could keep an eye on you while she did housework.

we raced up and down the alley on bikes (and on foot) running from each other, neighborhood dogs, and rivals. Playing until the pavement got jealous of our skin and try to take it from us. We'd run amuck until we worked up a scent that my mother could only describe as "smelling like outside"

We fought in the alley, we cried in the alley, we poured sweat in the alley, we drew blood in the alley (we became blood in the alley) WE WERE KIDS THAT BECAME IMMORTALIZED IN THE ALLEY. I just so happen to like art.